I take pictures wit my iPhone of my iPod sitting on my iPad (Taken with instagram)

Love the lights in the whip !  (Taken with Instagram at Exxon)

GeeWillerkers BATMAN! (Taken with instagram)

Concords ok, but I love my 1’s!

;) (Taken with instagram)

Christmas is awesome !  (Taken with instagram)

Talking Tom

  -  22 December 2011

  • Dad: I'm hungry!
  • Me: What you want to eat?
  • Dad: I don't know, but I got to shit though.
  -  22 December 2011

"When Words Fail, Music Speaks"

ja-steez-naaa said: Thanks for the follow (: <3

No problem . Just don’t be a stranger !

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Peace is the new thing

Who ever thought of a tumblr message limit ….



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Reblog If You Know Exactly What Movie This Picture Is From .


you’re a 90s baby if you do.

….Holes came out in 2003. 

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